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EFE Services
Listed by Forbes Magazine As One of the 10 Most Dependable Collection Professionals in the United States
Named Top Woman-Owned Company by Diversity Business.com

Contingency Collection/Debt Recovery

  • No Collection, No Charge!
  • Upon review, your account is assigned to an Account Manager who is an expert in your industry.
  • As skilled negotiators, our professionals will maintain customer relationships while collecting your accounts.

Legal Services

  • We have strong relationships with attorneys in all jurisdictions.
  • We will process your legal files and keep your cost at a minimum.

Benefits Of Working With EFE:

The staff at EFE are among the most experienced in the collection industry. All members of our team undergo thorough training by our experts. Learning and improving are integral parts of our company culture. As a result, our team participates in ongoing professional development training.
We organize our staff by industry type. Our agency represents a wide range of industries, including healthcare, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, publishing, telecommunications, finance, and banking.
Negotiation strategy training is provided to all our employees on a regular basis. With our follow-up and ability to accelerate cash flow, we maintain strong client relationships. Today's competitive business environment requires a partner that facilitates and assists business growth. We are that partner.
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Focus on your core business and let us take care of past-due balances.

Our professional staff, innovative solutions, and state-of-the-art technology provide you with the best service available.