Order to Cash – A white paper

Order to cash (OTC or O2C) is a set of business processes that outsource non-core functions to a specialist organization. OTC can be utilized by start-up organizations, growing organizations, and multinational organizations.

The start- up can benefit from the ability to focus on their core service or product while the non-core back office functions are handled by an able partner. This alleviates the need to invest in software that can be expensive and time intensive to implement and master.

Growing organizations use an OTC partner as they scale. This alleviates the need for the rapidly growing organization to invest in additional software and hardware solutions to handle these functions, as well as the increased labor cost to hire, train and manage employees. Additionally, the OTC partner can provide reporting and benchmarking information that can be used to the client’s advantage.

Multinational organizations that wish to reduce operating costs across divisions can centralize and outsource the non-core functions.  A 50 percent reduction in operating costs is what clients should expect in the OTC relationship. 

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