The Contingency Collection Program utilizes all of the firm’s resources to collect our client’s past due receivables.

  • Upon review by management, your account is assigned to a negotiator who is an expert in your industry.
  •  A  combination of letters from the firm and our law offices, as well as phone calls from our specialists are utilized in the collection process.
  • We have 100% call recording that protects your interests.
  • If you have an address and/or phone number that is not viable, then EFE’s sophisticated and comprehensive skip-tracing methods will locate any new information
  • Our professionals are skilled negotiators who can collect your accounts while maintaining your client relationships.
  • Our account managers are well-trained in all local and federal laws.
  • Credit Bureau reporting

You are kept informed of:

  • Account Confirmations
  • Monthly Status Reports
  • Monthly Payment Summaries