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Take a hard look at your core competencies. On those areas of your company that are not directly involved in those competencies let another company take over the management responsibilities for that work.

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The Contingency Collection Program utilizes all of the firm’s resources to collect our client’s past due receivables.

  • Upon review by management, your account is assigned to a negotiator who is an expert in your industry.
  •  A  combination of letters from the firm and our law offices, as well as phone calls from our specialists are utilized in the collection process.
  • We have 100% call recording that protects your interests.
  • If you have an address and/or phone number that is not viable, then EFE’s sophisticated and comprehensive skip-tracing methods will locate any new information
  • Our professionals are skilled negotiators who can collect your accounts while maintaining your client relationships.
  • Our account managers are well-trained in all local and federal laws.
  • Credit Bureau reporting

You are kept informed of:

  • Account Confirmations
  • Monthly Status Reports
  • Monthly Payment Summaries
SECOND PLACEMENT PROGRAM2021-09-08T21:29:40-07:00

“Second Placements” are accounts that have previously been placed with a company
and returned to you without resolution.  We have a vigorous program that
has proven incredibly successful in assisting you resolve these accounts.

The introduction of a seconds program into your business is an excellent way to
increase accountability of all third party vendors.  Your vendors know that
any unsuccessful accounts will be reviewed and processed again by another
company. EFE has a sophisticated second placement program that has assisted many
of our clients realize cash flow on accounts that were thought to be
uncollectible.  With EFE you will know that all accounts, regardless of
balance, location or age will be worked systematically and thoroughly.

LEGAL SERVICES2021-09-08T21:29:35-07:00

Executive Financial Enterprises, Inc. has an extensive national and
international attorney network. With your permission, EFE will file suit on your
behalf in any jurisdiction. EFE has full-time staff dedicated to the
coordination and maintenance of all legal files.  Our principal is an
attorney and has set the highest standards of performance within the legal

Each attorney or firm that we use must be licensed and bonded in their local
state and in good standing with the State Bar. Every file is bonded up to $1
million. We have strong relationships with attorneys in all jurisdictions. 
During the litigation process, our attorneys work with process servers,
Marshall’s offices and the courts to provide an efficient and effective legal
service for you.

This is a most valuable service that will process your legal files on a
contingency basis and keep your cost at a minimum.

PORTFOLIO EVALUATION2021-09-08T21:29:10-07:00

Executive Financial, Inc. will send in our professionals to give you an evaluation of how to best liquidate any portfolio. We will assess the collectability of the accounts and give you a plan to execute in the most efficient way possible.

  • Client Access 24/7

  • Customized solutions

  • Extensively trained staff

  • Integration with any system

  • High level of Professionalism

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