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Increase your cash flow...

through BPO while reducing

your DSO and finance cost!

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We welcome the opportunity

to serve you!

superior results &

outstanding customer service

Our goal is to accelerate your cash flow while maintaining the good will of your customer.

Our Commitment

EFE is committed to increasing your cash flow while reducing your DSO and finance costs.

Our Clients

We built a strong customer loyalty due to our superior results and outstanding customer service.

We Deliver Results

We have developed a diplomatic approach that is designed to produce best results.

Quality of Service

We provide the highest level of service to our customers. We have state of the art technology that is premier in the industry.

Why Choose EFE

Professional Standards

EFE, Inc. conducts business with both our clients and their customers with complete professionalism to ensure a first class reputation within our industry.

Proven Results

Our comprehensive business solutions will improve your operational efficiencies and reduce your expenses. Our outsourcing solutions can reduce your operating cost on business processes by as much as 50%.

Comprehensive Customer Service

Our comprehensive customer service and customer satisfaction program is continuously monitored by management to ensure that you will receive quick, informative and courteous service from every member of our staff